Our History

So how did GrowthWeaver get started? Our founder Steve Weaver spent years working in traditional media. But he was fascinated by the opportunities new technology presented. In fact, waaaay back in the day he helped the San Jose Mercury News launch the very first on-line newspaper in the U.S. And as technology advanced, he explored and embraced new ways to connect with consumers.

As a cutting edge kind of guy who was getting kind of antsy to start his own thing, the boss man decided to take the leap and play full time in the world of social media and digital marketing. Hence, GrowthWeaver was born. (The rest of us are just darned glad he saw the opportunity and grabbed it with gusto.)

Our team is comprised of dedicated, obsessed, fun-loving and wildly creative digital marketing experts and savants. Most of us work in a very cool high rise in the heart of Denver. But you’ll also find us hard at work in coffee shops, parks, late-night diners and everywhere in between. We work hard and probably play even harder, especially when it’s volleyball or softball season. Oh, and snowboarding and ski season.

We know there are a lot of so-called social media experts out there. But there aren’t any like GrowthWeaver. The difference is, we know how to deliver measurable honest-to-Betsy results for our clients. We prove it time and time again.

Mission / Vision / Values

GrowthWeaver Mission

Our mission is to help companies like yours produce a significant improvement in business results. We do this by weaving cutting edge social media and digital marketing tools into your traditional marketing efforts.

We also help other companies help THEIR customers get the digital marketing results they want. We partner with a lot of media companies, industry organizations, Chambers of Commerce and ad agencies who want to offer digital solutions to their customers, but don’t want any incremental staffing. We’ll do the work and you’ll get the credit!

We work tirelessly for you. We serve as a part of your team, fully integrating digital marketing strategies into your marketing mix to get the results you deserve. We’ll become a trusted partner who helps build your success, celebrates your milestones and occasionally treats you to your favorite caffeinated concoction.

GrowthWeaver Vision

We are the indispensible digital marketing partner for our customers. We create and bring marketing plans to life in the digital space by using cutting edge tools and practices.

GrowthWeaver Values

We believe in applying our personal standards in business practices. You can depend on the GrowthWeaver team for:

  • Stewardship
  • Integrity
  • Effective communication
  • Commitment to excellence
  • Results
  • Creativity, innovation and flexibility
  • Respect for the individual
  • Applying fun to our work
  • Fair play

Ready to find out more? Let’s get started!


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